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  • 試題題型【完形填空】
Fire can help people in many ways. But it can also be very harmful.Fire can keep your house warm, give light and cook food. But fire can burn things ( 1 ) . Big fire can burn, trees, houses, animals or people. Nobody knows how people began to use fire. But there are many interesting old stories about how a man or woman started a fire. One is ( 2 ) a man .The man lived a very long time ago. He went up to the sun and brought fire down. Today people know how to make a fire with matches. Children sometimes ( 3 ) to play with them. But matches can be very dangerous. One match can burn a piece of paper. And then it could burn a house. A small fire can turn a big fire very quickly, So you ( 4 ) be careful with matches. Be careful with fire, and it will ( 5 ) you. But if you aren’t careful with fire, and it may hurt you.
  • A.too
  • B.about
  • C.must
  • D.help
  • A.over
  • B.about
  • C.a little
  • D.no
  • A.enjoy
  • B.like
  • C.don't like
  • D.become
  • A.can
  • B.man
  • C.will
  • D.must
  • A.help
  • B.do
  • C.tell
  • D.hope
  • 參考答案:A,B,B,D,A
  • 解題思路:火能夠以很多方式幫助人們。但是他也十分可怕。火能夠讓你的房屋保持溫暖,帶來光明,烹飪食物。但是火也能燒毀許多事物。大火能夠燒毀樹木,房屋,動物以及人們。沒有人知道人 們是如何開始使用火的。但是對于那么人或者女人是如何來使用火卻有很多老的有意思的故事。 一個是關于一個男人的故事。這個人生活在很久以前。現在人們已經知道如何用火柴點火。有時 候孩子們喜歡玩火。但是火柴可能很危險。一根火柴能燃燒一張紙。然后它就啃個燒毀整個屋子。 一場小火能夠迅速地變成一場大火。所以你必須很小心地使用火柴。小心地使用火,他就能夠幫 到你。但是如果你不小心,他就可能傷害到你。